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Downunder Miniature Donkeys

Nestled along the peaceful Wimmera River, Downunder Miniature Donkeys enjoys tranquillity and lots of sunshine. Our Jenny's foals enjoy beautiful views [although they probably don't appreciate it as much as us] as they meander around in up to 40 acres. They have access to natural harsh pastures which they love as well as improved pastures. They have access to shelter on those uncommon days of inclement weather. Our Jenny’s have daily human contact and are immensely fond of a brush. Our foals are imprinted and allowed to play in the sun from day one. All Downunder Miniature Donkeys enjoy a good roll in the sand!

Downunder Miniature Donkeys aim is to breed animals with excellent conformation, outstanding maternal care and of small stature without interfering with the other two aims.

Our Jacks have been very carefully sourced, both with American bloodlines.  Conformation and temperament are very important to us along with height



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